Friday, October 9, 2009

First Chapter of 'Manifest Vampire'

Read on! Below is the first chapter from the first book, "Carmella Jackson: Manifest Vampire."


The Beginning

Carmella woke in her bed to find herself being suffocated. A scream died, trapped in her throat, unable to escape. There was a powerful hand pressing down on her mouth, and the rest of her body was pinned down by a huge mass. She twisted and turned, trying to escape, wrenching her body to get away from this thing. Was it a man? No, it was larger, covered in long hair, and the stench made bile work itself up her throat. It was a smell of death, and decay, and she couldn't bear to breathe it in. The hands on her body twisted her head to the side to bare her neck, and she was powerless to stop it. How could her parents not hear her struggling? She tried to scream all the harder, but it was useless. In the blackness of her bedroom all she could see was the indistinct and massive form on top of her, but also two eyes that burned with a fire from within. They were like two red-hot pokers pulled from the forges of the earth, and when they locked on hers she was more terrified than at any time in her young life. These eyes burned at her, and she was more scared because they were not just savage untamed eyes, but there was intelligence within them. She struggled, twisting and turning, but the weight of the body kept her locked against her bed. As every second ticked by, the terror grew in her chest. Ultimately she squeezed her eyes shut, breaking the contact.
Behind her closed eyes, she had the fleeting thought that this might be a dream. It must be, it couldn't be real, except that her body told her that the menace that locked her immobile on her bed had real weight, real hair, and the hands upon her were squeezing hard with real pain. These sensations were not imagined. She knew she could never have imagined the horror upon her right now.
The mouth of this creature found the soft skin of her young neck. She felt the hot breath of the creature upon her just before its lips pressed upon her neck, and then there was sudden pain as two long upper canines bit through the supple skin just above her clavicle. Her young back arched at the bite. The pain of the bite pushed her mind to the limit, and profound disbelief at her situation cleared out every other thought. As the creature’s teeth plucked themselves out, there was burning, searing fire from every vein in her body.
The attack, the bite, and the sudden loss of blood were too much to bear. Just when she thought she would succumb to the hulk that was pinning her down, agony wracked her body and kept her awake. But just as suddenly as the attack had begun, the deathly black form was gone through the open window, and her mind mercifully shut down as her body went into shock.

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