Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why is blood sexy?

Why is blood sexy? Every time we think about vampires, the image of blood immediately comes to mind. Vampire lips fastened upon a hapless neck, the very life force of its victim being drained. It is surrender, it is the release of control. Typically the victim is a woman. Is blood sexy because it is a literary substitute for intercourse? Seems like an easy association.

Which leads us to why do women feel that their job is to relinquish control? The vampires' victim is possibly the ideal of the self image of women. With every scene of a vampiric attack, we typically feel the heightened sense of expectation. It is iconic, it is powerful. The power inherent in the image is possibly the deepest we can image, for it is the victim giving complete control over to the vampire. One's life is held in the balance. To do so, is to give complete trust to someone.

Powerful stuff, and there is nothing more integral to life in our minds than blood itself. Life, blood, sex, trust, surrender. Is blood sexy? Ask yourself what is your definition of love, and you can answer the question yourself.

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